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Top Things To Do in Sydney

by Dr. Rodney Aziz

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If there were ever an answer to the mecca that is New York City outside of the US, it would be Sydney, Australia. It is booming with activity, a city that never sleeps, and also includes beautiful beaches, excellent weather, and mild winters. There are over 4 million residents in Sydney, making it the largest city in Australia and the most popular tourist destination in the country as it attracts over 32 million tourists every year. The city is also very multicultural with delicious food offered along with great places to shop. The various suburbs include different atmospheres which gives something for everyone in the city. Here are some of the top things to do in Sydney, Australia.

See A Show at the Opera House

When you think about Sydney, or even Australia, one of the first things that come to mind is the Opera House. This world-heritage listed building is astonishing in person and looks absolutely incredible when illuminated at night. There are always events and shows happening in the Opera House and within the surrounding area. You also have the option to enjoy a tour of the Opera House or enjoy a meal within the premises.

Take A Stroll on Darling Harbour

Adjacent to Sydney’s city center is the popular recreational complex known as the Darling Harbour which boasts breathtaking river views and plenty of options for food and entertainment. The Darling Harbour is the host to a plethora of attractions with some favorites including the serene Chinese Garden of Friendship and its beautiful teahouse, the Carousel, the National Maritime Museum, and the Dockside Pavilion. The harbour also has a vibrant nightlife scene with the Harbourside Shopping Centre that includes laser tag, an aquarium, a Madame Tussauds museum along with much more.

Bondi Beach

Sydney, Australia is known for its many beautiful beaches, and one of the most famous beaches is Bondi Beach which is a popular hangout spot for Sydney citizens including local and international celebrities. It’s usually busy at the beach, but not too busy; however, the atmosphere is always incredible. The surrounding suburb also hosts many dining and retail options. It is no surprise that Bondi Beach is included on the Australian Heritage List and holds the Guinness World Record for the largest swimsuit photoshoot.

Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is another one of the well-known symbols associated with Sydney. It is also one of the world’s fewest climbable bridges. You will first need health and safety essentials along with any weather-appropriate gear necessary for the climb before you venture out on the climbing adventure with other climbers and an experiences Climb Leader. During the climb, you will be treated to an exceptional view which further adds to the experience of the bridge.

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