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How To Deal With PTSD

by Dr. Rodney Aziz

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PTSD can often be challenging to cope with and can be a daily struggle for some individuals who have experienced trauma in the past. In extreme cases, it can be challenging to maintain healthy relationships or secure employment. If you want to know how to deal with PTSD and cope with the effects, there are several tips to follow.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation

According to, mindfulness meditation techniques have proven to be effective and can improve a range of disorders that are associated with PTSD. You can sit in peace for several minutes each day and learn how to focus your mind on the present. Pay attention to your senses and what you’re experiencing, which can make it easier to live in the now and avoid reflecting on your past too much. The technique is proven to reduce stress and improve the mood, which can allow you to feel more like yourself again. Allow your judgments to roll by and avoid judging yourself too harshly if your mind tends to wander.

Practice Art

Art therapy is an additional method of alleviating stress and focusing your attention on a hobby that can be enjoyable and will boost your mood. You can begin to release your experience and trauma by painting, drawing, or making ceramics as a way to separate yourself from the situation and move on from the events.

Stay Physically Active

Staying physically active is necessary to ensure that you can reduce your stress levels and cope with the symptoms that you’re experiencing each day. For veterans, surfing has proven to be an effective method of dealing with their condition and allowing them to feel calmer on a consistent basis while in the water. Others may find relief by jogging or running.

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet is often recommended for adults who suffer from PTSD due to the companionship that they offer. Having a dog or cat in your home can allow you to form a relationship with an animal that you trust and love, which can alleviate stress and offer comfort when you’re experiencing symptoms that are associated with your condition. Animals often sense chemical changes in the body and will be ready to respond when you need support.

Dr. Rodney Aziz originally published this article on his website.

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